Friday, February 4, 2011

Woman Caves...

I can assure you, that once I purchase my first home, I WILL design my perfect, dream, woman's cave... better known as my closet!

One of the main attributes that I would love for my future woman cave to have is soft lighting...

Although I love the idea of my own cave entirely all to myself, this 'his & hers' closet really seems to work with the allocated space given...

Another attribute that I would love to have in my 'cave' would be proper conceptual space design. In my world, everything has a place... especially couture.

Lastly, my 'cave' must be adorned with a pretty piece of furniture where I can sit and admire my love for all things chic, or possibly fall asleep on it dreaming away of what pieces of fashion I could add to it!

Now this lovely lady has got it spot on! Even though she is not working with a huge 'cave', she uses the space wisely & even color coordinates (obsessed)!!

A blank canvas of pure heaven.  How would you fill & decorate your 'Woman Cave?'

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to call my woman cave a woman cOve... sounds much cozier! I love these pics and your description of the space you're going to make!