Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toast to a Wedding Look that Lasts!

As you are well aware, I have been very absent from my little bloggy.  I have been busy enjoying wedding season- sending off 2 of my 3 closest friends to become wives!  To close out wedding season, my Best will be getting married this fall, come October.  We have had a blast 'talking wedding ideas' for the past year & it's crazy how quickly time passes!

She is well aware of my addiction to products & beauty trends, which is why I was honored that she asked that I do her makeup for her big day!  This is not something I take lightly, more or less it is an excuse to go buy more products an opportunity to research trends to make her the most beautiful bride possible!

I want her to relax without a care in the world...

... not be worried if she'll turn out looking like a creature...

So there's a couple things that I am taking into consideration.  Most important: Longevity. Let's be real- this day is huge. I want my best friend to look incredible the entire day into the night.  I want her make-up to look flawless from start to finish, all while photographing beautifully.

First up to research: Water-Proof...

Next up to combat: Heat/Sun/Outdoors/Sweat...

Lastly & most importantly- how can I capture her true beauty ALL while enduring sweat & tears without looking like the caked on black swan!?

Luckily, my Best is one of the most naturally beautiful friend that I have ever met- with copper hair & fresh freckled skin (she puts this model to shame!)...

So believe it or not, my dear friends at First Floor Nordstroms (Cheeky Chic weak spot) actually know what they are doing! And they don't mind that you ask for tips & trends! In fact they love the attention you give them & that you trust they know their shit stuff!

So we started by playing with the color palette that the bride preferred & matched her skin tone best...

For a fall wedding, I don't think we could get a better combo...

We then decided to incorporate the neutral, golds, plums, & blush into her lip color by playing up the plum accents.

*Tip: What bride wants to constantly worry about if their lipstick is on their teeth, if the gloss is stuck to their hair or if the color is even picking up in the photos? No one.  Which is why we opted for a chubby stick aka chapstick with a boost of color.  She can apply it herself without needing a compact & it's the perfect amount of color... how easy is that??

We then moved on to give freshly freckled cheeks a pop of color as well.  Sticking with theme, we went with a plum as well.  So I know this color seems extreme, but did you know that although a color shade may look dark, the denseness of the brush is what makes the color appear light or dark on your cheek bones?? Who knew!

Speaking of brushes... learn what each are designed for!  Being the product junky I am, I am dozens of brushes & I kind of just played around/winged it on which brush to use where.

*Tip: Talk to the girls that know their stuff at the Nordstrom make up counters!!  A 5 minute conversation with the lady at MAC, introduced me to a whole new world of how to use my brushes & where to use them!  

So after I learned proper technique with brushes, the beauty consultant showed me an awesome new trick!  If you are looking for a more natural, subtle look (which we are) use a darker shadow as your liner... Who knew!  She taught me how to dampen my angle brush & apply it using dark eye shadow...

Most importanly (and frankly back to the reason why I developed this post) talk to those hidden gems at Nordstrom make up counters! They know about all the new products out there, they know about which ones capture best on photography, which products last through tears & which last through hours of pictures taken outdoors!  They are more than willing to help!  And while you're at it, you'll find new products to add to your hoarding  collection!

Exhibit A: Laura Mercier Highlighting Pen

aka good bye under eye bags, hello beautiful pictures that reflect light perfectly!

Exhibit B: MAC Finishing Spray

aka we did not work this hard to make you even more beautiful for it to melt off of your face after an hour! Stay put pretty face :)

Much Love & wedding photos to come,

xo kjl