Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now...

With summer vast upon us, I can't help but think of long hot days by the lake, followed by sunset evenings that turn into dark nights by the grill with family & good friends...

Today, I am going to do a little spin on my usual, 'Top 10' post & switch up to:
Miss Cheeky Chic's
Top 10 Favorite Yummy Things, that I am loving right now! Simple summer recipes with a light fresh taste...

1. Mini Burgers
(Since these are as easy as following the photo, I will spare you recipe directions, but point out that a healthier option to ground beef would be ground turkey & tastes virtually the same.  Also, remember, this is supposed to be a light, easy, quick lunch.. skip the buns, place the patty on a waffle fry & use cherry tomatoes to garnish!)

2. Mini Lasagna
The best part about this recipe is that everyone has a family lasagna recipe!  Tailor it to your family's taste, yet place your recipe in individual wonton wrappers in a muffin pan! Simple! Easy summer appetizer...

3. Antipasta Kabobs

-1 pkg of cheese tortellini
-1 tub of mozzarella balls
-1 jar of pimiento stuffed olives
-1 jar of black olives
-1 tub of cherry tomatoes
-Italian Dressing

After cooking the tortellini, drain & place pasta into a zip lock bag.  Add mozzarella balls, olives & Italian dressing. Shake the bag so the ingredients are heavily coated. Let stand in your refrigerator for 4+hours.  After the allocated time, remove & place all ingredients, evenly dispersed, while folding the salami & pepperoni on the kabob stick as well.  Simple & an easy 'to-go' snack...

4. Roasted Parmesan Tomatoes

-4 Tomatoes
-1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese
-1 tsp of freshly chopped oregano
-4 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
-fresh ground pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 450 degrees, slice the tomatoes in half, top with parmesan, oregano & pepper. Drizzle the olive oil over & bake until the tomatoes are tender (usually 15 minutes).  For the last 5 minutes, I like to move the tomatoes to the grill for a more distinct taste!

5. Prosciutto Wrapper Grilled Asparagus 

Ever since I went to Italy a couple summers ago, I have loved adding prosciutto to my recipes! The flavor is amazing & the texture melts in your mouth!

-Minced garlic
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Ground pepper

Preheat grill to a medium -high heat. Trim the ends off of the asparagus & cut prosciutto into slices.  Add minced garlic to oil, brush each spear with the mixture.  Wrap the prosciutto slices around the asparagus, season with black pepper & place on the grill for 4 minutes, turning occasionally.

6. Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

Follow these simple steps & you are on your way to a fun new twist on the original cupcake!!

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

Clearly, I have a major sweet tooth & the combination of ice cream & chocolate chip cookies melts my heart!  Use your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe (or any other favorite cookie recipe for that matter!) & instead of placing on a cookie sheet, place the dough in a muffin pan & press down lightly to create a well.  The consistency of your dough will allow these to hold their shape while baking.  After they are finished, let them cool & remove from pan & fill with your favorite flavor of ice cream! Yum!!

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

This is so simple... & yet, I have never thought of it before! Who doesn't love sticking their finger in the cookie dough mid-baking?! Now you can stick a cookie (nilla wafer) in the cookie dough! Garnish the top with some spare chocolate chips & it is such an easy dessert or snack to set out!!

9. Fruit Filled Ice Cubes

I have been meaning to try this for years now & I think now is the perfect time to finally try it.  So simple, place your favorite fruit bits in the water of an ice tray, let freeze & serve with your favorite summer cocktail or with sparkling water for extra fresh flavoring...

10. Skinny Girl Mojito

The epitome of the summer drink, the mojito, just got an even better twist to it... it now comes Skinny!!  
I love mojitos, they are fresh & light (if made from fresh ingredients NOT from a mixture)!!

Twist 6-8 fresh mint leaves in a tall highball glass (twisting the leaves helps release the natural oils) & drop them in the glass.  Hand squeeze lime halves over the mint leaves & then drop the limes in over the leaves. Muddle the mint leaves & limes lightly for 10-15 seconds.  Add a tablespoon of Truvia (Natural sweetener) & fill the glass with shaved ice.  From there, add 2 ounces of a light white or silver rum.  From there, top with soda water & gently stir (do not shake).  Enjoy!!

Enjoy these fabulous recipes during this long start to summer weekend!!


  1. cupcake ice cream cones . . . my fav, ask shep

  2. Awesome recipes! I can't get over those mini burgers -- might have to try that this weekend (along with a skinny mojito, of course!)