Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Gift Ideas on a Budget...

While the autumn season quickly approaches, each year I find myself last minute gift shopping for all the birthdays that I have this season.  Simple gifts-intricate gifts- quick gifts- big gifts... you name it!  I find it much easier to put together a birthday gift for a friend, in bright colors (i.e.. summer & spring) then in in the fall or winter.

Here are a few quick ideas for a girl on a budget looking to put together a few untraditional birthday gifts this season...

I am obsessed with Volupsa Candles & they are surprisingly affordable, yet oh so chic.  Find a nice warm scent full of spices for the season.  Then, I always like to add a personal touch to a gift- for this gift I would make a homemade recipe card of a favorite after-dinner drink & then supply the ingredients.  Whiskey Stones are an all time favorite gift of mine, people love them! They keep your drink cold without watering it down & are perfect for the whiskey drinker.  A smooth after dinner drink recipe + ingredients + a cozy candle = the perfect birthday night "in..."

Sometimes I like to buy friends something that they typically wouldn't spend their own money on, but truly adore.  There is nothing better than giving a gift & seeing your friend/family use or wear it in the future.  Anthropologie has the cutest aprons & non-traditional cookbooks- I think they make the perfect gift for any lady that is often in the kitchen during the upcoming holiday season! Attach one of your favorite family recipes to keep the gift personal & you have yourself a perfect fall gift...

For those quick, affordable, on the go gifts, sometimes gift cards make the most sense.  Except, I hate just handing over a gift card because it feels unthought out.  To spice up your gift card giving, make it fun by adding free/cheap features to bring light to the gift.  I saw this & thought it was such a great idea! When you purchase your gift card at Starbucks, as for an empty frappe cup & fill the insides with colored tissue paper.  Place the gift card inside the cup & tie a bow around the straw! Easy + Affordable + Though Out = Perfect Gift Card Gift!

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