Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Delights....

Over the weekend, a close family friend of ours, married her long-time 'sweetie' & it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  Upon arrival of the reception, I could not have been more thrilled to stumble upon the Candy Buffet!  I have noticed more & more weddings adding this lovely element to their reception & it makes a sweet tooth lover like me, nothing short of excited! 

The best part about adding this feature is that you are able to customize your candy buffet setting to whatever color theme you are working with! Add some different shaped serving bowls, mix in your favorite colored treats & adorn the table with a "Love is Sweet" statement & you will find most of your guests in pure delight!!

I was trying to think of some other fun way to bring some 'treats' to the reception besides the wedding cake itself.  These individual flavored shooters are tasty, unique & a fun twist on dessert...

Or go classic with simple milk & cookies!! (Add a touch of homemade class by using an old handed down family cookie recipe!!)

This was one of my favorites!! What a fun idea!!  A Smores Buffet!!

What other sweet delights have you experienced at a wedding or would like to incorporate within your wedding?

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