Monday, June 20, 2011

Emulate Fashionista Style...

One question that I often get asked is, What fashionistas inspire my style?  When I first started blogging, I posted about my adoration for Olivia Palermo's classic street style.  She continues to marvel me with her crisp trends & clean style.

Here are some of my more recent favorite summer styles of Olivia's...

Every look has 1 or 2 focal points of the entire style.  When people ask how you even begin emulating a fashion icon's style, I always start at the focal point & the rest I try to make my own unique personal style.  I will teach you how to follow your own favorite fashionista's style...

First, Find the Focal Point of the Overall Outfit:
(i.e. What are your eyes drawn to?)

Now, build a look around that piece.  This first picture is a more casual street style,  possibly intended for morning errands & coffee.  Dress up this easy going style, with a chunky statement necklace & keep the rest of the outfit simple:

When I saw this next picture, I immediately was drawn to Olivia's scalloped shorts:

Since this was more of formal chic style, keep the fabrics that you choose that way as well.  Stick to silk or chiffon, something with a sheer finish.  Then, dress up your accessories & it will tie the entire look together.

Without a doubt, I was immediately drawn to Olivia's bright blazer & less dramatic color blocking style. A stylish look, intended for a flashy night out.

Reproducing this style is always my favorite, because you almost cannot go wrong.  Like I have said before adding colors to your night time look, is not only chic but very mod.  It is a fun look to play around with, because not only are you able to block different brights, but you are also able to mix & match different fabrics & accessories! 

One summer style that I have not spent as much time blogging about, but I absolutely adore, is patterned blouses!  The ornate structure is perfect for summer & bring personality to your overall look.

Play around with patterns.  See which patterns look best on you.  Do you like florals, animal print, dots & stripes, etc...?  Choose a pattern that brings you to life & add pops of color for accessories!

Now that I have shared my obsession love for Olivia & how I try to emulate her street style, I am dying to hear who you all love as your fashionista?!

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