Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Ornament Wreath...

Last week I mentioned trying a Christmas-y DIY project each week, leading up to the big day.  Here is my step by step tutorial for how to make your very own ornament wreath!

Items You Will Need:
-Wreath Frame
-Wreath Hanger
-Different Size Bauble Ornaments 
-Bell Ornaments
-Thick Ribbon
-Wire Ornament Hangers

Step 1: Begin by threading 1 bauble to the end of the wire & completely bending the wire off so there is no way that the ornament can slip off...

Step 2: Add 1 to 2 more baubles on the wire hanger & allow the baubles to drape however they may...

Step 3: Adhere the group of baubles by wrapping tightly around 1 section of the wreath frame.  My suggestions are to start at the top of the frame & work your way around.  At first you will notice gaps & you will not like how each bauble hangs, but stick with it, because at the end, you can go back in & thread individual, smaller bulbs into those gaps...

Step 4: Use the Ribbon to make a bow to drape off of the bottom.  Then place the frame on your wreath hanger & admire your work :) (The red, different shapes & sized bulbs are where I filled in my 'gaps')...

Helpful Hints/Things I would Have Done Differently:
-Use "shatterproof bulbs" because you are often tightening those wire hangers so tight that if you have the expensive real bulbs, they will shatter!
-IF you use glitter bulbs... do this project in a space where it is used to being messy, the garage or workshop,  i.e.. not the kitchen table
-For display purposes, I would suggest a thick, sturdy, double sided ribbon- I used a single side & do not like how you can see the white behind the gold (I will eventually change this out)
-Have fun with it!! I got frustrated because I could see so many gaps, but do not stress yourself out about the gaps & spaces, it is so easy to go back & fill those in after you have the main structure finished with!!

Enjoy :)

xo, kl

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