Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sun...Sand... & a Drink in My Hand...

Ok... so I recently discovered that I am not the only Minnesotan losing their mind from this unnecessarily long winter.  After talking to many of the locals, it does not take long to get the vibe that they too are itchin' for some Sun, Sand, & a Drink in their Hand! Can we be done with winter yet!?  Anyways, I have had a lot of requests for Spring Break style suggestions & since I love you all so very much, I am putting together a (HUGE) look book for you!  Hopefully I will have it complete by tomorrow. Until then... take yourself on a mini-mind-vacay & lust over these...

Check Back for my Guide to Style: Spring Break Addition, Look Book!


  1. These pictures are heaven. The chicago weather is killing me, I need a vacation!

  2. thats one of my favorite quotes! im certainly enjoying a little sun- and not looking forward to returning to the tundra on saturday