Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seeing Spots...

Retro spots are definitely trending this spring...

If you're like me, you're a bit weary of the overall trend due to the fact that it is quite easy to 'over-due' it on dots, but with subtle hints of the trend, I find it fashionably chic!

Start small, with bright colored accessories adorned with polka dots...

 {Brahim Handbag}

 {Marc Jacobs Animal Dot Embellished Belt}

{Kate Spade iPhone case} 

 {J.Crew Tunic}
 {Forever 21 Fedora}
 {Max&Chloe Bangle Set}

 {Forever 21 Scarf}
{Old Navy Lace Up Flats}

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Perfect LBD for Your Body...

Little Black Dress. 
Every stylish woman should own one. Even if you have nothing to wear it to, someday, out of the blue, you will wish you had invested...

The double with the LBD is that there are endless styles, but the real question is- Which Works Best on Your Body Type?

I typically hate these classifications, but let's be honest, they work...

Let's start with Apple Shape:
(Round & Full in the Middle)
The perfect style for your shape, is a Shift Dress or Empire Waist Dress if you're in between. A shift dress is intended to draw attention away from your midsection, while keeping the flow of the dress equally dispersed. This body type is often the most difficult to fit, but women with an Apple Shape, often have the most beautiful necklines. Draw attention to your neck (not waist) with pattern towards the top. If you try an Empire Waist, keep the waist high (appears smaller). Try these styles:

1. Shift Dress with Lace Embellishment along Neckline
Intended For: Apple Shape + Conservative
Features it Plays Up: Arms 
Features it Plays Down: Chest, Tummy, Thighs, Booty

2. Empire Waist Dress with a Bare Neckline
Intended For: In between Apple & Pear + less conservative
Features it Plays Up: Chest & Arms
Features it Plays Down: Tummy, Hips, Thighs

3. Shift Dress with Lace Embellishment 1/2 Sleeve
Intended For: Apple Shape
Features it Plays Up: Neckline
Features it Plays Down: Arms, Tummy

Let's Move into Pear Shape:
(Fuller in the hips & booty, smaller on top)
The perfect style of dress for your body type is A-Line. An A-Line dress will draw attention to your tiny waist & distract the eyes away from your plentiful derrière. The idea is to draw the eyes upwards, as opposed to downwards. Try these styles:

1. One Shoulder A-Line
Intended For: Pear Shape + Sex Appeal
Features it Plays Up: Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Waist
Features it Plays Down: Hips, Thighs, Booty

2. Sheer Top A-Line Tea Dress
Intended For: Pear Shape 
Features it Plays Up: Waist, Arms
Features it Plays Down: Hips, Thighs, Booty

3. Pleated A-Line
Intended For: Pear Shape + Conservative
Features it Plays Up: Arms, Neckline
Features it Plays Down: Tummy, Hips, Thighs

Moving On To Hour Glass Shape:
(Curvy- Busty on Top, Tiny Waist, Curvy on Bottom)
The perfect style dresses for an hour glass body shape are often wrap dresses or bandage dresses. This body shape often works best with a more fitted style dress to make sure that both curvy sections are equally proportionate. Try these styles:

1. Simple Bandage Dress
Intended For: Hour Glass
Features it Plays Up: Waist, Arms, Neckline, Legs
Features it Plays Down: Chest

2. V Neck Bandage with Sleeves
Intended For: Hour Glass
Features it Plays Up: Chest, Waist, Legs
Features it Plays Down: Arms

3. Strapy Bandage Dress
Intended For: Hour Glass + Sex Appeal
Features it Plays Up: Neckline, Arms, Chest, Waist, Legs
Features it Plays Down: None.

Lastly, a Rectangle Shape:
(Little definition between bust, waist, & hips)
There are actually quite a few dress styles that work for this body shape as long as you define the waist & play up your best features. Use belts, cinching, or drapery around the midsection to 'fake' curves! Try these styles:

1. Deep V Neck Wrap Dress with Belt
Intended For: Rectangle Shape
Features it Plays Up: Neckline, Chest, Legs
Features it Plays Down: Hips, Booty, Arms

2. Boat Neckline with High Waisted Belted Bow
Intended For: Rectangle Shape + Conservative
Features it Plays Up: Arms, Legs
Features it Plays Down: Chest, Hips, Tummy

3. One Shoulder Draped Dress
Intended For: Rectangle Shape
Features it Plays Up: Chest, Arms, Booty
Features it Plays Down: Hips

Play around with these different styles for your own body shape. Very rarely are women defined to specifically that body shape, but the best part is, YOU know what are your best assets & what are not. Work with those & you cannot go wrong :)

Dear Miss Cheeky Chic...

How can I achieve the look of an inspired workspace, while maintaing a professional manner?

Stressed, yet Chic Working Woman

Dear Darlings, 

It is quite possible to maintain your chicness while still having a day job! I find it terribly important to be motivated & inspired daily by beautiful & chic things! How dull of us to believe our weekday workspace cannot be as dashing as our weekend social lives!?

I adore a unique office & am equally obsessed with organization...

Strong believer that everything has a place, in it's place (thank you, mama!)...

Here are a few of my tips! 
(Disclaimer: I love cheeky spaces & I love an overall shabby look! It works for me- figure out what works for you, whether it be more contemporary, antiqued, or sophisticated, use these tips to work with your personal style!)

Keep Everything Fully Stocked & in it's Own Individual Space:
I love mason jars for this purpose! I actually have a few jars on my desk right now- 1 with pens in it, the other with colorful gum balls (sugar-a-holic)...

I swear by this: Buy an Expensive, Ridiculously Overpriced, Day Planner:
I can promise you, you will use it! I do not go anywhere without my planner- it helps me stay organized & attentive. Plus, hello! this gorg item on your desk instantly adds overall appeal...

Bring Your DIY Project to the Office:
I know cork boards are out dated, but I love them & they are so easy to make! I often go to the GoodWill, purchase terribly ugly pictures for $3, go home & tear the picture out to be replaced with cork, & paint the unique frame! Perfect for hanging reminder notes in your office...

Don't Be Boring, Be Bold:
100 push pins for $2 at Target? Nah, I'd rather spend $15 on 20 at Anthropologie!! Am I crazy? As bizarre as it sounds, sometimes little splurges like these are totally necessary for an office make over...

Incorporate Your Weekend Style in the Office:
At home, I am obsessed with my jewelry storage. I have tons of little antique trinket dishes for storing rings, earrings & other small accessories. Who says these dishes can't be uses as paperclip, rubber band, and memo pad holders? So utterly chic on your desk...

OK, Tone it Down a Bit:
I would totally have that cute saucer+tea cup holder on my desk, but most aren't as ridiculous daring as me.  Opt for smaller unique dishes for those misc. office items...

Keep your Overall Theme Going:
Again, I love shabby chic, it's kind of my thing. Owls- totally my thing. Find statement items that fit into your personal style... (Btw this is a pencil holder)

Go Local:
Here in MN, we have this gorgeous organizational & stationary shop, called Russell + Hazel . They have so many different options for your to make your stationary uniquely yours. Find your local stationary boutiques & give them the business they deserve! I love this notepad storage...

(Keeping with theme- keep your notepads personalized & chic) 

Add Personalized, yet Useful Touches:
So everything is not all for looks! Office items need to be deemed as useful as well as chic! Vamp up your space with distinct hardware, like this pretty coat hanger...

A Polished Woman is Always on Time:
It is not cute, nor cheeky to be late. Something I am constantly working on = time management! Remind yourself of appointments, meetings, & conference calls with your new chic Kate Spade Planner & Be On Time with a fabulous pendant clock. Both professional & chic...

Much Much Love, 

Recycling & Revamping Fashion Trends...

By now, you all are fully aware of my obsession with all this cheeky & jade! I have blogged endlessly about my love for the color jade & that adoration is far from over!  One unique style that works for me, is complimenting masculine & feminine features- not only in fashion but in home deco as well. 

While I will continue to recycle my love for jade, I am now revamping my closet with those other 2 trends I insisted you all try last fall- stripes & leopard...

Recycle your jade blouse & revamp the overall look with a leopard shoulder bag...

Recycle your jade cotton chinos & revamp the look with a silky cheetah print blouse...

...Or recycle your leopard print maxi skirt & bring life to your outfit with a chic green blazer...

Works equally well with stripes...!

Play around with the bold patterns (stripes & animal print) with bright pops of jade...

... & when you feel comfortable, attempt the unthinkable by Mixing, yes I said it, Mixing patterns with bold colors...

Didn't try the trend this winter when I insisted? Here's your chance to find a few staple items to pull off the perfect stripy-animal print- jade outfit...

{Beaded Necklace- Fossil}

{Leopard high waisted skirt- Zara}

{Minty Blazer- Zara} 

{Jade Jeggings- Guess} 

{Striped Bandage Skirt- Express}

{Leopard Print Scarf- Forever 21}

 {Striped maxi dress- Ella Moss}
 {Cheetah clutch- Bardot}
 {Woven striped flats- YesStyle}

{Striped Blazer- Express}